Nevada’s biggest and best collection of award-winning slides! From the most extreme attractions at Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas to the more adventurous, our slides rocket you down, swish you side to side and can even send you into the eye of the storm!

Thrill-seekers won't want to miss Tornado, Canyon Cliffs and Desert Racers, while families may prefer the Royal Flush or the Constrictor.

  • Canyon Cliffs

    Canyon Cliffs

    Plummet into a gut-wrenching, heart pounding drop and accelerate to speeds up to 33 feet per second.

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  • Constrictor


    The Constrictor slide features some of the tightest turns of any other water slide giving riders an experience unlike any other.

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  • Desert Racers

    Desert Racers

    This 360 foot raceway launches riders down the slides at speeds of more than 20 feet-per-second.

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  • Hoover Half Pipe

    Hoover Half Pipe

    Take rafting to the next level with this dramatic journey of white water thrills.

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  • Rattler


    Two distinct "rattles" shake riders back and forth, delivering sensational oscillations and tons of wall time!

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  • Royal Flush Extreme

    Royal Flush Extreme

    Riders plummet through the enclosed tube slide then fight the centrifugal forces of the Royal Flush Extreme which pulls riders around and around before abruptly releasing into the exit tube for splash down!

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  • Slideboarding


    Experience the world’s first waterslide gaming experience on the green slide of Zipp Zapp Zoom! Slideboarding integrates the thrill of a waterslide with the challenge of a multi-level, multi-purpose game.

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  • Tornado


    Spin around the Tornado’s funnel in a four person raft where you will sweep up the Tornado’s wall and experience weightlessness or zero gravity, splashing back and forth through the menacing, swirling water before being released into the calm shallows below.

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  • Zipp, Zapp, Zoom

    Zipp, Zapp, Zoom

    Zipp, Zapp, Zoom each take riders down 300 feet of twists, turns, and translucent colored sections that add a unique dazzling visual element.

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